Installation of your overhead crane is just the first step. Ensuring your equipment works reliably, efficiently and safely is a priority at Overhead Technology.

Our team of experts knows how important your equipment’s performance is to your operation. By providing a wide range of inspection options and preventative maintenance that fits your operation’s needs, we can work together to help your day to day operation continue to run smoothly and safely. With a Cal-OSHA and OSHA Certifier on staff, we can help you meet Cal-OSHA regulations and maintain strict confidentiality of your operation.

Cal-OSHA has established inspection, maintenance and load test requirements to ensure your machinery continues to meet their high safety standards. Read below for inspection and maintenance requirements for your Overhead Crane and Hoist Systems.

Annual Inspection

  • Your Crane and Hoist system requires a once a year inspection by a Cal OSHA Certificating Agency, such as Overhead Technology. (Cal-OSHA Section 5021, OSHA 1910.179)
  • An annual inspection of your overhead crane not only fulfils your Cal-OSHA requirement of having an inspection from a Certified Agency, it also increases the safety of your operation, reduces liability and creates awareness of maintenance issues that can be prevent breakdowns and costly downtime.

Quarterly Inspection & Service

  • Periodic inspections and Preventive Maintenance are required four times per year for your Overhead Crane and Hoist Systems. (Cal-OSHA Section 5031, ASME B30.2-2.1.5)
  • Quarterly inspections and preventive maintenance increase safety and minimize breakdowns, which keeps your operation running smoothly.
  • By allowing Overhead Technology to schedule and perform your Quarterly Inspection, it allows you to focus on other parts of your operation.

Quadrennial Load Test

  • Every four years a load test is required by Cal-OSHA (Cal-OSHA Section 5022)
  • Your Load Test will be based on the manufacturer’s load rating for your equipment.
  • The load test is to be performed as close as possible, but not exceeding, 125 percent of the manufacturer’s load rating.
  • Load Test on Mobile Cranes, but not exceeding 110 percent of the manufacturer’s load rating.

Plate V Inspection

  • All cranes that exceed three tons rated capacity (6001 lbs. or greater) are required to be inspected by a Cal-OSHA Certificating Agency such as Overhead Technology. (Cal-OSHA Section 5021)

Crane Certifications

  • Overhead Technology provides and maintains all records of inspections per Cal-OSHA requirements.
  • Crane Certification for annual and quadrennial. (Cal-OSHA Section 5021)

Monthly Hook and Wire Rope Inspection

  • OSHA Regulations require that the hook and wire rope be inspected, and a certification record be kept on file. Overhead Technology can help you stay OSHA compliant. (OSHA Section 1910.179)

In addition to certifying you are OSHA compliant with your crane and hoist system, Overhead Technology can supply you with equipment and training to ensure your team stays safe.

Sling & Rigging Inspection/ Replacement

  • Rigging is critical to your operation when handling your material. Therefore, we offer inspection of your rigging equipment to ensure a safe working environment.
  • From Slings to Shackles, Overhead Technology can provide your business with a wide range of sizes and capacity that best serve your needs.

Sling Types

  • Chain Slings
  • Wire Rope Slings
  • Polyester Round Slings
  • Nylon Slings

Rigging Equipment

  • Shackles
  • Hooks
  • Eye Bolts
  • Hoist Rings
  • Swivels

Fall Protection

Maintaining your fall protection equipment and systems gives your employees the protection they need to perform their job safety. Overhead Technology not only sells Fall Protection equipment but can train you and your team how to perform your work safely.

  • Safety Equipment Installation and Inspection
  • Fall Protection Systems
  • Safety Harness
  • Lanyards


  • Overhead Technology’s certified trainers provide you and your crew the knowledge and confidence to safely operate your crane and optimize the use of your safety equipment.

Record Keeping per Cal-OSHA

  • Maintaining records is an important part of your business. Overhead Technology maintains all records of inspections. After our visit Overhead Technology will provider documentation of the inspection for your records as well. (Cal-OSHA Section 5031)
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